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Sandy beach near Škrapavac
Sandy beach near Škrapavac
Privlaka is one of the settlements of the Zadar Riviera, it's situated south of the bridge and road connecting Vir Island with Nin and the mainland. Just like its name suggests, it's located on a peninsula. The pages of our website make an attempt to introduce the resort.

Thinking of the Croatian coast the beaches around Nin make a class of their own, as contrary to the majority of rocky and stony coastlines on the Adriatic, one can enjoy sandy beaches around Nin. Although Nin and its beaches are on the northern side of the peninsula and Privlaka is settled looking south, the coast along Privlaka is mostly similar to the ones around Nin. One can find sandy beaches between Privlaka and Zaton (Brižine Beach), west of Škrapavac tourist settlement, next to Privlaka's harbor (Porat) and towards the Vir Bridge, below Skoblari. Other sections at several other locations used to be sandy, too, however, with the additions of concrete berms, terraces and promenades their natural layout has been replaced. These beaches enriched with concrete are found on Škrapavac's main beach, the beach of Camp Dalmacija and the promenade stretching from here all the way to Porat. Stony beaches can be found on the western side of Privlaka, by Punta. Loznica Bay offers mud for those who like that kind of experience.

Privlaka guests find accommodation either in private apartments, in the large and well equipped Camp Dalmacija or in any of the tiny camps around Mostine Bay (Gara, Medanić, Darinka, Nina). Vacation makers, of course, are served by a number of restaurants, bars, shops and such. A listing of amenities for sports would include a football pitch with lawn and a sandy beach volleyball court.

Our pages has more details, you are kindly invitied to visit them, too:
Walk by Cape Brtalić
Walk by Cape Brtalić

2012/07/13 04:35
It has become very disppointing. They had beautiful natural beaches but since last year (20011), the local authorities decided to put concrete on every beach around the village. (as on the pic showing cape Brtalic).
A huge turn off!!! I really don't undertand why the authorities spoiled like this the nature, their only richness....too bad and so sad...so damaging....

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» Cafe Panon - Kukljica
» Restaurant Europa - Biograd na Moru

Events in and around Privlaka

» Adriatic Games - Biograd na Moru, 30 Aug
» Balo Naprid - Bocce Cup - Mrljane, 30 Aug
» Big Game Fishing - Vodice, 4-6 Sep
» Klapa Cambi - Murter, 8 Sep
» 7th Fig Festival - Zadar, 9-16 Sep


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